Introducing : automate searching businesses without website around the world

At the time of writing of this article, you are probably locked in your place, staring at the singing birds and swinging trees through that small window at the other side of the room. There might not be birds, there might not be trees but there is still that a melody inside yourself repeating how lucky you are to have embraced the digital era a few years ago. The moment has come for you to shine!

You are a web developer. You are a business developer in a digital agency. You are a social media manager. You are used to working remotely from trendy coworking spaces in Bali or simply from home, your fluffy Munchkin cat on the lap. #stayhome movement has not changed much about the way you work aside from forcing you to make slight adjustments in your day-to-day routine. Snoozing is not a deadly sin anymore.

However, you find it harder to sign new projects. You cannot rely on networking much since most social events are prohibited. On popular freelance platforms like, Upwork or Toptal, competition is becoming really fierce since companies and startups are putting investments on hold and the number of job seekers rises up in the meantime. Increasingly more freshly jobless people are now looking for new options to make money online and of course, building simple websites for others is one of them.

Be more proactive in your web project search

You need to search for potential clients more proactively instead of clicking on the refresh button nervously every second, to only be the first among dozens to apply to that latest job. Millions of small businesses these days need better online visibility to maintain their activities at a minimum level, though they are not yet aware of it. The current crisis is a great opportunity for you, digital professionals, to increase your revenues while helping other businesses maintaining theirs. You just need to add a new string to your bow.

Automate searching for businesses that need your skills

With, you can search for businesses that do not have a website in a click. It works literally anywhere in the world. You want to get contact details of restaurants in Manhattan that do not have a website? Knocker serves them to you in minutes. Dental clinics in Ho Chi Minh city? Knocker can help again. Manufacturers in the Melbourne area without an online presence? Well you know the lyrics already, Knocker can give you their details too.

You need to set only 3 parameters to start a new search:

  1. 1/ Define a location
  2. 2/ Filter business types (see the complete list of supported types)
  3. 3/ Limit the maximum number of results

Knocker then sends the search results in CSV format to your email in a few minutes, after successfully completing the following tasks:

  1. Identify businesses that match your search criteria (see all supported business types around your search location
  2. Find out if a website exists by cross-checking data on search engines and popular place platforms like Google Maps, Facebook or Yelp
  3. Pick relevant business information & wrap them up nicely - because it matters to us! See the complete list of business fields that are returned.

You are then ready to reach out to these businesses without a website or with an invalid website (a social media page is not deemed valid), armed with your striking and energetic sales speech. They need your help, they will thank you for making the first step.

Try for free, the first 20 businesses are offered.

Feel free to give us your feedback, Knocker needs its users to thrive!

Introducing : automate searching businesses without website around the world
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